Reserve Police Officer Badges

Reserve Police Officer BadgesReserve Police Officer Badges

Reserve Police Officer Badges, in the United States vary from state to state and some have insignia’s just like any regular police officer badge. It is important to understand most Reserve Police Officers are designated as volunteer’s however, that is not always the case many are compensated with hourly wages depending on the agency and its jurisdiction.  Regardless, if the Reserve Police Officer is paid or not they still have the same authority as any full-time paid police officer while on duty.

Yes, some full-time police officers like to keep the Reserve Police Officer in their place and refuse to recognize their over all authority but the fact the remains their power is equal.  This is common abroad but it is also common as it relates to tradition, meaning this has been going on for years and years.  The Reserve Police Officer undoubtedly will never be recognized by full-time officers but that is okay they’re not any better….probably just a pride thing.  I know many Reserve Police Officers who have more military, more education and are in better physical condition than most regular officers.  I am not bashing regular officers but let’s be real….many Reserve Police Officers in 2019 are exemplary.

Since we’re talking about Reserve Police Officer badges, have you ever seen on that actually says “Reserve Officer?” Versus, “Reserve Police Officer?”  If departments are still doing this they’re totally wrong, the reason being people on the street who committing crimes realize the difference and may take it out on the Reserve Police Officer.  That is no good!  Or, have you seen the “R” in the badge number?  That too, is a big no no in 2019.  It only brings trouble  toward the Reserve Police Officer and resentment.  Please give them the respect they deserve.  I am I a disgruntled Reserve Police Officer?  No, however, I was once a Reserve Police Officer from 1982-1985.  Then full-time for the second largest sheriff’s department under Los Angeles and have since retired.

So then, it is important to understand I’ve been around and Reserve Police Officers are very important to the police command and I’d like to see them rise to a paid status across the board, especially in the State of California.  Some agencies will give honorable reserve peace officer badges to those who retire.  Again, every agency is different and therefore, badges may have different writings.  We might as well as add reserve officer identification cards, some may say “Reserve Police Officer” or “Police Officer” depending on the agency.  Or, of course some may say “Reserve Deputy” or “Deputy Sheriff.” Either way, hopefully each is responsible for their actions….which includes full-time peace officers.

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